Procedural content generation

as a service
I want to build a rougelike, but making the basic structure of a map takes too much time.
I want to make a game where you do stuff based off music, but there is no infinite supply of music anywhere.
I have nothing to live for. I just want to solve mazes all day long.

These are just some of the problems that no modern game developer faces. But still, there is a solution! Presenting Procedural content generation as a service , the brand new API developed by some people who didn't have anything better to do with their time.

By making a couple of simple API calls, you too can spend your time doing productive things, like gameplay design, and netcode, and eating icecream, instead of spending a couple of afternoons implementing procedural generation.

Mazes as a service

Mazes are puzzles usually found on the backs of cereal boxes, and in old-school RPGs. They are the poor man's labyrinth, and the rich man's hallway.

Maze image

Dungeons as a service

Contributed by Meshiest

Dungeons are a staple of games, even more so when you consider that they are basically just rooms connected with hallways.

If I were you, I would consider these parameters more like suggestions, than hard mathematical facts.

Dungeon image

Music as a service

Music is the glue of a game, it binds all the visual and gameplay elements together into a cohesive unity. This won't be anywhere near that quality, but if you're lucky you might get something good.

Setting the seed to 1 will give a suprisingly dark sounding track.

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